Global reach, local touch

Madhyamam is India's first international newspaper-with Gulf Madhyamam, the largest circulated newspaper in the Middle East, it is also the only Malayalam daily published from seven countries. Madhyamam is the third largest Malayalam daily in India in terms of circulation and advertisement volume. Now into its thirtieth year, it has grown into 19 editions including gulf and online editions

But it's not the quantitative merit that sets it apart. It places great value on quality, truth and credibility. Madhyamam, run by a Public Charitable Trust, is not linked to any interest group or business houses. Its news is often rated the most independent and truthful and its editorial fearless and impartial. The paper does not accept advertisements that exploit women's honour and offend human dignity, titillate base emotions, promote superstitions or dishonest business. The many public interest campaigns Madhyamam initiated by its investigative reporting, sacrificing much advertisement income, have helped to create a fiercely loyal readership for the paper. And the circle is growing wherever Malayalis live.

Healthcare Programme

Caring Poor Patients Suffering from Grave Diseases & Promoting Health Awareness in the Society In conformity with our proclaimed ideal of social progress, especially the uplift of the marginalized sections of society, we launched Madhyamam Health Care Trust (MHCT), inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Kerala on October 27, 2001.

  • health_and_safety To foster the welfare of economically backward patients suffering from grave diseases by providing them with financial support as well as advice on matters related to medical treatment and related issues.
  • health_and_safety To make the general public more aware on various issues related to health and medical aspects to improve their habits for better standard of living in a hygienic environment.
  • health_and_safety We have a panel of more than 200 practising doctors and have signed a Memorandum of Association with more than 256 super speciality hospitals in and around south India so as to extend our support to alleviate the sufferings of poor patients.